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All You Need To Know About Fasting and Diabetes

Can you fast if you have diabetes? This is a very common question face. Perhaps according to some researches, fasting may be helpful for people with diabetes.

However, those on blood glucose lowering medication or you should discuss with their doctor about whether it will be safe for them to fast and what cares can be taken to prevent blood glucose levels from going either too low or too high.

However, the American Diabetes Association doesn’t recommend fasting as a technique for Diabetes Treatment. They say lifestyle changes, including medical nutrition therapy and more physical activity, as the cornerstones for weight loss and good diabetes control.

If you’re thinking of trying a fast and you have diabetes, you’ll want to know what the risks are, how to avoid them, and why you should examine your health with your doctor first.

Intermittent Fasting: Some facts don’t allow any food at all. However, on intermittent plans, you follow a pattern of fasting and then eat normally.

Some types of intermittent fasting plans include:
  • Alternative day fasting: You can eat your regular diet one day, and then eat fewer than 600 calories the next day, repeating this pattern throughout the week.

  • Time-restricted diet: This is when you get all your calories for the day during a specific number of hours. 

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