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Power of Music Can Help You with Stress

Stress and anxiety can make you feel worse it can send you into a tailspin of worry and dread. Stress can make you feel closed off and interfere with your relationships and goals. It can be extremely difficult to fight stress.

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Of course, you can take yoga classes or go to a therapist to learn relaxation techniques or apply herbal oil for stress, but sometimes it is really difficult to leave your chair and find a solution. It is, therefore, better to have some strategies to fight your stress.

Study says listing to music can calm the autonomic nervous system, endocrine, and psychological stress. You can listen to music whenever you want, whether at the office, on the bus, while driving your car or taking a bath. You can find many playlists on your mobile phone applications which are specially designed to clam your stress. 

Sound of nature and classical music appear to be particularly effective. Bit surprising is that Celtic, Indian stringed-instruments, drums, and flutes are very effective at relaxing the mind even when played moderately loud. Sounds such as rain, thunder, and nature may also help you feel relaxed particularly when mixed with other music, such as light jazz, classical (the "largo" movement), and easy listening music.

Some music may relax you, some may not. Forcing yourself to listen to relaxation music that irritates you can create tension, and not reduce it. If that happens, try looking for alternatives. 

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